Pokemon X Rom & Nintendo 3DS Emulator Download



Pokemon X (U) (E) (J) is available on October 12. The download Links are available for you to download free now.

Full Name: 0450 – Pokemon X (E)(CONTRAST).rar
Filesize: 1.72 GB
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released: 2013.10.10
Region: All
Publisher: Nintendo
Rom size: 16 Gbit
Languages: en fr de es it jp kr

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3DS Emulator is a closed source Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC and Mac. In this third release there are already many 3DS games playable, and several games even have full functionality (like Mario Kart 7). This unique emulator is the first that allows users to experience the real 3D effect. The 3DS Emulator is a user friendly program that allows you to play Nintendo 3DS games on the PC & Mac.

The best 3DS emulator out there period. This Emulator simulates the 3D effect using anaglyph type 3D or stereoscopic 3D! Of course you can also play normal in 2D. The first time you open the emulator you will have the possibility to change your resolution. when you open the configuration screen the default is the original size 800×240(2x 400×240 per eye WQVGA) and the lower screen 320×240 pixels. You can change this however it would make the screen a bit more pixelated.

There is one thing you need to do in order in order to use to 3DS Emulator. You need to have the original BIOS of Nintendo 3DS, its illegal to use copy of a BIOS. If the 3DS Emulator cant find a genuine BIOS the software wont run. Once you have set everything up, you can play 3DS & DS ROMS with this 3DS Emulator.

If you are a gamer and want to try out the 3DS games without buying an expansive Nintendo 3DS then this software is your best friend! We don’t have a tutorial showing how to configure this emulator but we will create one in the feature!



3DS Emulator 2014 Update! Released:

  • Doesn’t freeze anymore when you try to save
  • Slight increase of fps
  • Few minor bugs fixed